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Youth and Strength Training


We now have evidence-based recommendations that advocate resistance training for the current and long-term health of the youth and adolescent populations.

In the 2014 international consensus position statement on youth resistance training, went so far as to state “misinformed concerns that resistance training would be harmful to the developing skeleton have been replaced by reports indicating childhood may be the opportune time to build bone mass and enhance bone structure by participating in weight-bearing physical activities.”

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a 2008 position statement dispelling the myth of detrimental effects from resistance training, while promoting the positive outcomes emerging in the literature. This piece presented three arguments:

  1. Resistance training should be an essential component of preparatory training for aspiring athletes.

  2. Participation in resistance training earlier in life correlates with participation later in life.

  3. Individuals who do not participate in resistance training are likely at increased risk of negative consequences.

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