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If your child would like to start classes, there is no pre-registration required.  
Check the schedule to determine what day(s) and times class is offered for your child's age group. (also be aware of days school is not in session when we will not have class)

You will need to sign a waiver at their first class or print and sign this waiver and send with your child to the first class they attend.

Kids should wear athletic shoes and any comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely and exercise. Parents are always welcome to watch class. Please sit (quietly) on floor or benches on edge of gym. Toddlers and children not participating in class are not allowed to roam freely around the gym. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Classes are free to all kids and teens. We gladly accept any donations to fund this program. Your donation whether great or small allows fitness to be accessible to all youth!

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