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Healthy Kids Rx exists in large part due to the support and funding from individuals, businesses and organizations who care about and choose to invest in the health and well-being of children. 
A big thanks to the following for their generous donations:

Mike and Vicky Kmetz
First Interstate Bank
Nicholas and Tangeman
Randy and Judi Hulme
Dennis and Susan Conger
Kerry and Jane Greaser
Bob Hooker
Trident Electric
Sarah Reese
Steve and Kate Bieber
Toby and Nancy Marlatt
Mountain West Farm Bureau Insurance
High Country Physical Therapy
Pence and MacMillan
Tim and Alice Rush
Shinze Kato
Amanda O'Brian
Double Dubs, Trent Weitzel
M&M Construction
Trihydro Corporation
Todd and Deby Fory
Gary Negich
Elliot and Emily Bauder
Charles and Lianne Kupilik
Amanda Robertson
Albany County Recreation Board
Western States Bank
Tri-hydro Corporation
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