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Healthy Kids Rx is a non-profit organization, supported by ACSD#1 and the University of Wyoming, focused on promoting healthy lifestyles for youth.  The program provides year-round after school and summer fitness and nutrition classes at no cost for all local youth with specialized mentorship for those at risk for obesity.

  • 1x/week for elementary youth

  • 2x/week for middle and high school youth

  • Classes held at 411 S. 20th Street (CrossFit 7220)

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels in the US.  CDC data indicates that 25% of children in the US are overweight and 18% are obese.  This corresponds to nearly 25,000 kids statewide and more than 1,000 in Albany county.  More troubling, the numbers are on the rise.

About 70% of obese adolescents grow up to become obese adults.  It is difficult to reduce excessive weight once it becomes established.  Children should therefore be considered a priority population for intervention strategies.

"I just want to say that I love what you guys are doing for the kiddos.  As my daughter was eating dinner last night, she was telling me about proteins and carbs and I love how she was explaining it to me.  We turned it into “what’s in your dinner” and she followed it up with burpees!  She absolutely loves the program, and I’m so glad you guys offer it. "


Thanks for all you all do!


Amanda B. O'Brien, M.S.

Director, Disability Support Services


"You all have done wonders for my daughter and have honestly changed her life."

Jeannie DeBerard


All the coaches are amazing with the kids. This is an amazing program and my kids will continue as long as it is available.

Leslie Vanderpool


This program reinforces the healthy habits we are trying to create at home.  My kids are now doing lunges, squats, and burpees for fun! I am SO excited about this program..... it is such a great benefit to our lives! 

Brittany Bray


My son looks forward to Healthy Kids Rx classes every week. It's now easier to get him out and doing things! 

Jenny Miller


“I have appreciated the non-competitive, fun environment for my son. Organized competitive sports made him afraid to lose or be ‘bad’ at something. CrossFit Kids is a great place for kids to develop strength and coordination before they may be interested in other organized, specialized competitive sports.” 

Natasha Snelson


“My kids have enjoyed educating Mom and Dad about nutrition during dinner.”

Jennifer Lutz


“Our kids love the fun games they play, they even play ‘CrossFit’ at home, trainers included!”

Trent and Carrie Wetzel


“My kids love to come and are making changes in the way they eat and play. They now like to try more veggies and are more conscious of what they are eating. My daughter is a little ‘fluffy’ and she is starting to lose some weight. The staff are all so great with my kids. I want to say thank you for providing this program to the community.”

Nanette Gallegos


“This has been a great experience! The instructors provide fun, varied, fast-paced activities that keep kids engaged. They talk about what they learn about nutrition at home. My son loves the feeling of getting stronger and trying new things.” 

Cindy Zimmerman


“My kids favorite part about Healthy Kids Rx is completing difficult tasks they weren’t sure they could do beforehand. They are now much more aware of their sugar intake. My kids look forward to it every week and my 2-year old can’t wait until he’s old enough to participate. We often get quizzed by out kids regarding nutrtition. This program has provided an excellent outlet for physical awareness and activity.”



“My kids love Healthy Kids Rx! My son is now less breathless when he runs. They talk about healthy vs. unhealthy foods. Thank you for what you do!”



“My boys love the awesome coaches and how the class makes exercise playful. They were shocked to learn that sugar was so plentiful in so many foods. Now it’s not just Dad saying ‘no soda.’ We are very appreciative of the program!”

Robert Terry

 Spring Session:

Pre-school / Elementary

(12 weeks):

Mondays 3:30 - 4:30 pm 

  • no class 3/18, 3/20, 4/22


  • (middle school / high school):

  • Tues / Thurs 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

  • no class during Spring Break

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